J Wynia - Entrepreneur and Consultant

The average person is interrupted at work, 7 times per hour. The company I'm currently bootstrapping helps reduce that number and recover the productivity lost through workshops/training and semi-custom software to support highly contextual workflows. If your organization needs that kind of help, we'd love to dive in and make that happen for you. See more info at 7Interruptions.com.

Part of the nature of bootstrapping is funding things yourself. So, 7 Interruptions is being funded by a combination of its customers and the contract/consulting work I've been doing through my other company, Pragmapool, since 2003. Read on if you ended up here because you want to hire me in that capacity.

I'm currently booked through the end of July 2015. I usually book my next gig between 2 and 4 weeks out from the end of my current project. I only do contract work on a corp-to-corp basis through my company. I won't be considering any full-time employee, W2, 1099/individual, or contract-to-hire positions. I often joke that I have 2 modes: mercenary and equity partner. I don't do well in employee arrangements.

While I understand that many recruiters want to have a phone call or meeting in person "to get to know me", because of the number of those inquiries I get, I push for there too be a good match on the following things before taking a call or any sort of in-person meeting.

  1. A specific contract gig that lines up with when I'm next available.
  2. Some information about what I'd actually be doing on the gig. Many emails I get from recruiters list what the client is looking for, but offer no information about the actual project.
  3. A rate that falls in my normal range. My rates vary based on things like distance from Brooklyn Center, offsite work opportunities, technologies I'll be working with, etc, so let me know the best rate you can get me for the gig, corp-to-corp. I'm often asked for my rate early on, when I know the absolute least about the project. If you insist on getting my rate first, I'm going to need quite a bit more about the project than the typical requirements list I see.
  4. An ideal project length of 3 months to 6 months at the longest. Because I'm bootstrapping 7 Interruptions, I don't want a long committment on a project. Keeping it shorter lets me honor my committments if the transition point to full time on 7I happens during the project.
  5. Technology-wise, I typically look for .NET/C# web projects, full-stack or server-side dominant, MVC/WebAPI better than WebForms, some front-end work (jQuery, Angular, KnockoutJS) a good fit while 100% front-end gigs aren't, server-side and data-centric non-web work are a good fit while desktop/WPF development aren't.