Stir Fry Over Cabbage

Originally published on 6/30/2015

We've been aiming to eat lighter meals since the beginning of the year: cutting calories and carbs. And, it's working. Personally, I'm down 25 pounds since the first of the year. We've been actively changing some of our "regular" meals to swap out the starch for more vegetables as part of this.

So, we've been doing zucchini "noodles" as pasta, etc. Tonight, we tried using sautéed cabbage instead of rice. Since someone asked for the recipe, I am writing this up.

It's not really much of a "recipe" per se, which, to me, is kind of the point of stir fry, but here's what I made tonight.

Basically, I made 3 separate "layers" and we served them up how we wanted on our plates.

The base layer was the cabbage. I chopped up a big skillet full (chop more than you think you need since cabbage shrinks quickly when it cooks even a little bit) and sautéed it in a non-stick skillet until it had softened a bit, but still had a little bit of structure to it.

The next layer was mixed veggies. Diced onion, diced garlic, red pepper, yellow pepper and orange pepper, and a small bag of green beans that I steamed in the microwave. All of that was sautéed in another non-stick skillet.

And, the top layer was a couple of pounds of boneless, skinless chicken thighs. I diced and, after one of the other skillets was emptied into a bowl and covered, I sautéed the chicken in a bit of sesame oil. Once it was browned, I added a bit of a gluten-free stir fry sauce and sautéed it a bit longer.

We served it up and it was a pretty good combination.