Entrepreneur, Software Consultant, Writer, Speaker, Traditional Folk Musician, Homebrewer, Hobbyist

I'm J Wynia, and wynia.org is my central "base of operations" online, where I coordinate the things I want to share with peope like you.

I'm the Co-Founder of Seven Interruptions (7I), which is a company dedicated to helping organizations work together mindfully to reduce interruptions and increase productivity. For the time being, I also do contract software development while we bootstrap 7I. That contract work is typically in the C#/.NET web end of things, but I'm prone to experimentation with a wide variety of technologies, both for client work and my own personal enjoyment.

I'm a hobbiest and love the process of skill aquisition. As such, I'm almost always learning how to do something new. But, several of my hobbies have earned long-term placement in my life. I brew beer, mead, cider, etc. I cook, often with smoke and fire. I play traditional folk music, much of it Irish.

Whether you're here because of an interest in my professional life, my hobbies or you were sent here as some sort of horrible prank, I hope you find some little item of interest.